Changes are coming:

We've finally decided on how we're going to handle the office being split on which contract software to use for transactions. Since half will be using CTM and the other half using ZipForm (including myself as the admin) we needed to come up with a new way to manage all transactions in the office. This will require some cooperation from all agents to make this thing run smoothly. Since I took over office manager duties, I've been working with David to come up with a plan to get the office back in order and the biggest problem we've had was knowing that there was a split on the transaction software and what to do with that. So we came up with this plan:

Define Transaction Status 

*Please use this for all transactions*

Active - For Listings only

Inactive - For Listings that had a contract run out or withdrawn

Pending - For Listings/Purchases that have gone under contract

Closed - For Listings/Purchases that have gone to a closing and finalized

Prospect - For Buyers looking and have a buyers contract with you

Fell Through - For Buyers no longer looking or using you as their realtor

This will be for both ZipForm and CTM users. This will help with the admin duties when it comes to office productivity.

Here's What Admin Needs for Review

*Please remember this for all transactions*

For Purchases - Under Contracts Docs submitted 1 day after acceptance. 

                   - Closing Docs for review 5 days prior to closing.

                   - Closing Docs for approval 1 day after closing.

For Listings - Listing Docs submitted 1 day after Listing Date.

               - Under Contract Docs 1 day after acceptance.

               - Closing Docs for review 5 days prior to closing.

               - Closing Docs for approval 1 day after closing.

CTM Users

*This is extremely important*

I've set up a new Sellstate Crossroads Gmail account and have collaborated with David to have all CTM users upload all of their transactions to this email's Google Drive. David setup each agent using CTM with their own folder and emailed them a link to their folder. CTM users will only have access to their folder. We still would like for you to utilize the above practices as this is for the entire office to follow. All you need to do is upload all of your transaction documents to your folder and place them into another folder for that transaction. David will then pull those documents and upload them into Zipforms so that I can review, approve, and update office productivity. This will be how you will turn your stuff into the office for approval at each of the important transaction events outlined above. 

ZipForm Users

*This is extremely important*

David has setup all new templates that are geared towards how agents do their transactions. The templates no longer limit you to how the admin would like to see things. I have learned the process and provided my input to make the process within ZipForm smoother for you. David has created several ZipFormTraining videos that are up on the Facebook Training Platform as well as on this website under agent resources. Show up to the ZipForm Training classes each month to further familiarize yourself and ask any questions you may have with the new procedures and setups.

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